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beth_is_great's Journal

Beth the incredible pie-eater
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8p noodles, achewood, afro ken, agar agar pudding, alice cooper's fabulous body, annoying others, ant colonies, atomic fireballs, bastard triopses, beer, belly dancing, big gay mooses, big gay moses, blackpool, bolocake, bromeliads, burninating, burning stuff, cabaret, car boot sales, cat and girl, cheating at monopoly, chilli garlic mashed potato, communist humour, compressed air, conifers in sunglasses, cowparade, crying like a sim, david bowie's scary nose, defective furbies, dig dug, dr faustus' detachable leg, dx ball, edinburgh festival, folss, ghost walks, gogol porn, homeowners, hyde's beer, insects, jarvis' nuts, joe perry, jumper-ooters, kill dr lucky, lambert, moffat toffee, moomins, mr willis' organ, my big green blanket, my big green mug, myriapods, occasional speleology, orchid mantises, patsy cline, pieces of chairman mao, pierogi, pies, pointed sticks, primark underwear, reading festival, scaring the cat, scottish security guards, sesame chicken noodles, spa, spar, special ho fun, spicy garlic noodles, stalking people, stamping on ducks, stamping out ducks, stamping out fires, steven tyler's capacious cake-hole, surprising the cat, tabasco sauce, tadpoles, tea, teasing the cat, the "rummage room", the agar machine, the corned beef antelope, the extra-cellular matrix, the floral clock, the frog duvet, the gay bar, the map, the pink glove compartment, the word "helices", thespians, thunder's dirty love, toast, toffifee, tom lehrer, tomatoes, wasting time, watching 'incredible-dancing nick' dance, willie shrinkles, wind-up lobsters, winding up lobsters, yatta